The Festival for the   future of club culture. 

 24-25 Oktober 

Every night, the audience gathers in front of the stages at our clubs, waiting for artists to appear. Together, they create the goosebumps! For inspiring moments. For stuffy air and sweat-soaked clothes. For laughter, for crying, for the emotions!

Clubs are special places; somewhere between commerce and culture, between anarchy and society. Unfortunately though, only a few have a working business model that can succeed. We want to change this! Through conferences and concerts.

Upstage! – A festival for the future of club culture, we want to bring Bremen to life. We want to animate, alarm and, above all, get loud!
 Two days for brainstorming, with inspiring keynote speakers, heated panel discussions and innovative workshops.
 Two nights for stimulating the eyes and ears! Spot the hits, with well-known and experienced artists bringing their unique passion and energy to different spots around Bremen!



From theory into practice! From the conference we jump directly into the clubs! Enough talking!

For two evenings, the clubs and bars of the Hansestadt will be ready for you, with a diverse and dynamic concert line-up in store! Authentic and real, the Viertel is the heart of the Bremen scene! So jump headfirst into it!



What does the club of the future look like?
Together, we will find out what expectations people have and how significant the social relevance of club culture actually is within the public.
We want to develop methods to inspire and impress the audience of tomorrow, today! The upStage! conference will outline the coming club culture and craft practical working models and sustainable solutions to future challenges.


The conference aims to look into the future of club culture and facilitate a space for networking, impulse and criticism – without boundaries or limits!
The questions that arise on a daily basis are the ones at the top of our agenda. We want to have a face-to-face discussion, and work on practical solutions. We want to set these strategies on a concrete basis, so that you can begin to implement these insights immediately, and to best effect.


 Donnerstag 24 Oktober 








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